If you have gift cards can make your reservation here by filling in the form.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

 General Conditions:

- The gift card must be valid, must be in good condition and not expired.

- The gray part is the establishment of scratches. Must be intact on the activity.

- Not accept photocopies or damaged cards.

- Before the activity card must be validated by us with the marketer.

- We have to provide identification codes in order to give the agreement the reservation. Each gift card has its identification codes or numbers or reservation or activation of the barcode to validate it.

- The activity is subject to weather conditions.

- A book can change, modify or cancel a period of 24 hours. max before the event and must notify the establishment in writing and by telephone.

- Each card has a gift and a promotional marketing company and this is what will determine the corresponding activity.

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